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Huston Smith

"[Receiving psilocybin in the Good Friday Experiment] was powerful for me, and it left a permanent mark on my experienced worldview.... For as long as I can remember I have believed in God, and I have experienced his presence both within the world and when the world was transcendentally eclipsed. But until the Good Friday Experiment, I had had no direct personal encounter with God of the sort that bhakti yogis, Pentecostals, and born-again Christians describe." — Cleansing the Doors of Perception

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David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B.

"If we can encounter God through a sunrise seen from a mountaintop, why not through a mushroom prayerfully ingested?"

"The experience may be authentic, but how authentic their spirituality will be depends on what those who had the experience do with it. Will they allow it to transform their lives? Will they have determination and patience enough to let the light which they glimpsed for a moment gradually penetrate every smallest detail of their days? Not a few men and women who have risen to this task bear witness that entheogens first helped them open their eyes to that light. Honesty demands that we acknowledge this."

From Brother David's Foreword to Psychoactive Sacramentals, republished as Spiritual Growth with Entheogens

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Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi

"I think to understand the depth of religion, one needs to have firsthand experience. It can be done with meditation. It can be done with sensory deprivation. It can be done a number of ways. But I think the psychedelic path is sometimes the easiest way, and it doesn't require the long time that other approaches usually require."

From Reb Zalman's chapter in Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics

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Jack Kornfield

"I see psychedelics as one of the most promising areas of modern consciousness research. I would not be surprised if at some point there comes to be a useful marriage between some of these sacred materials and a systematic training or practice that I have described. That marriage will have to be based on an understanding and respect for the ancient laws of karma, grounded in compassion, virtue, an open heart and a trained mind, and the laws of liberation. Given those, there might be some very fruitful combination." — Tricycle Magazine, Fall 1996

Interview by Robert Forte, February 1986

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Aldous Huxley on the "mind-changing" substances

"For most people, religion has always been a matter of traditional symbols and of their own emotional, intellectual and ethical response to those symbols. To men and women who have had direct experience of self-transcendence into the mind's Other World of vision and union with the nature of things, a religion of mere symbols is not likely to be very staisfying. The perusal of a page from even the most beautifully written cookbook is no substitute for the eating of dinner. We are exhorted to 'taste and see that the Lord is good.'

"In one way or another, the world's ecclesiastical authorities will have to come to terms with the new mind changers. They may come to terms with them negatively, by refusing to have anything to do with them. In that case, a psychological phenomenon, potentially of great spiritual value, will manifest itself outside the pale of organized religion. On the other hand, they may choose to come to terms with the mind changers in some positive way – exactly how, I am not prepared to guess." — Saturday Evening Post, 18 Oct 1958.

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Brother David: The Mystical Core of Organized Religion