Survey for those who have had a spiritual ("deep") experience induced by a drug

This is the survey we used as preliminary research to find out what kind of spiritual experiences people have had as a result of using drugs, what the experiences have meant to them and where it has led them.


If you have had such an experience, answer all the questions with the same experience in mind.

1. "Spiritual" can mean a variety of things. What do you mean?

2. Which drugs have enabled you to have a spiritual experience?

3. Have you equally powerful experiences without using drugs?

4. In what situations have you had a spiritual experience while using a drug?

5. Do you feel that such experiences have been harmful or valuable to you and in what way?

6. Have such experiences made you want to explore spirituality in other ways, and if so, in what ways?

7. I hope my book will help people to make sense of such experiences. What kind of information would you like me to include?

I am working on a book about the spiritual use of psychoactive and would like relevant well-written accounts from people on this topic. Would you be prepared to write about such an experience for publication?

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