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What's New - A Chronological Index

20 January 2004
CSP grants a William James Award for doctoral research to B. Rael Cahn (University of California, San Diego). Read his abstract here.

31 March 2003
New Chrestomathy entry
15 March 2003
CSP grants William James Awards for doctoral research to Todd Bresnick (Yeshiva University) and James D. Pappas (Saybrook Gradute School and Research Center). Read their abstracts here.

19 November 2002
New Chrestomathy entries
2 July 2002
Read the summary of "Hallucinogens and Religion: Historical to Scientific Perspectives," a symposium from the 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependance. Published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Ralph W. Hood, Jr., et al., confirm similarities in the religious experience of Christian Americans and Iranain Muslims in "Dimensions of the Mysticism Scale: Confirming the Three-Factor Structure in the United States and Iran." Read abstract here.

12 Feb 2002
New Chrestomathy entries
5 Feb 2002
New Chrestomathy entries
2 Feb 2002
New Chrestomathy entries
11 Jan 2002
In a 1954 letter to Victor White, C.G. Jung considers the limits of the "psychotherapeutic value" of entheogens. Read the letter here.

30 Nov 2001
CSP grants William James Awards to Ethan R. Benore (Bowling Green State University) and Cheryl A. Falkenstein, (Temple University). Read their abstracts here.

1 Nov 2001
CSP publishes Psychoactive Sacramentals. Read excerpts from this new anthology in the Entheogen Project Series.

22 June 2001
Read an excerpt from W.T. Stace's Mysticism and Philosophy listing common characteristics of mystical experiences.

9 May 2001
New Chrestomathy entries

8 May 2001
Read the American Academy of Religion review of Huston Smith's Cleansing the Doors of Perception.

31 Dec 2000
Entheogens and the Future of Religion is now in its second printing. Look at comments on and excerpts from CSP's 1997 anthology here.

16 Nov 2000
New Chrestomathy entries

15 Nov 2000
New Chrestomathy entries

16 July 2000
New Chrestomathy entries

1 Feb 2000
New Chrestomathy entries
31 Jan 2000
New Chrestomathy entries

17 Nov 1999
Code of Ethics for Spiritual Guides revised ("boundless awareness" added to preamble).

1 Nov 1999
In The Two Sources of Morality and Religion French philosopher Henri Bergson concluded that the love experienced in "complete mystical consciousness" expresses itself as an impetus for constructive social change and continuing advances in the evolution of humanity. Read an excerpt here.

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