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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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The Ultimate Revolution: A Spiritual Awakening.

Starcke, Walter. (1973).
New York: Harper & Row.

ISBN: 0-06-067524-1

Description: Paperback, 155 pages.

Contents: Author's note, introduction, 8 chapters.

Excerpt(s): Drugs directly affect our spiritual or psychic energies. They appeal because they stimulate our spiritual forces. They make us aware of our spiritual potential and the highs of which man is capable. But certain of them can also overuse or drain those energies.

Sex and drugs have been the two things most feared by mankind because they involve man's two most vital energies. Sex involves the energy of life, representing creativity, material contact, and human love; drugs affect the energies involved in spirituality and God contact, or the love of God. (page 110)

The spiritual center, the mystics have always said, is between our eyes (the third eye). The Brahman, or spiritual caste, salutes this center by wearing a red dot on the forehead between the eyes.

This center corresponds to vital glands in our head which regulate our whole body and spirit. Drugs directly affect this center. (page 110)

Finally, drugs can present a very real problem in regard to meditation. Through using drugs, many people have attained an appetite for what they could achieve naturally, but the drug experience is so close to meditation that they become confused. The differences between being high on drugs and high through meditation are subtle. One who is familiar with drugs might keep trying to make the natural experience conform to the drug experience. It is sort of like trying to learn Spanish and Italian at the same time. They are so similar that one can get hopelessly confused. It has been my experience that a high on marijuana is like meditating through a screen. It's close but not the clear uninterrupted contact of the natural high. Also, drugs can even use the spiritual energies needed for meditation in such a way as to make meditation difficult if not impossible. (page 114)

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