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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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Scrapbook of a Haight Ashbury Pilgrim: Spirit, Sacraments and Sex in 1967/68.

Gips, Elizabeth. (1991).
Santa Cruz, CA: Changes Press.

ISBN: 0-9639056-0-0

Description: Paperback original, v + 218 + [2] pages.

Contents: 48 unnumbered entries; Appendix 1: Hippies, a new early Christian, Appendix 2: 1968 letter to Sheila, Appendix 3: A Religious/Scientific Statement in this Year of our Lord, 1968, Appendix 4: Durga or some afterthoughts, Appendix 5: The end of The House of the Seventh Angel from the First Book of Now; Addenda: The Holy Man Jam - Boulder, Colorado - 1970; Stephen's Class - & the Start of the Caravan; Monday Night Class; glossary; bibliography; Sacraments or Drugs? an essay published in Psychedelics Illuminations Magazine.

Note: Available from Changes Press, P.O. Box 7305, Santa Cruz, CA. 95061-7305.

Excerpt(s): The ground, the fabric, the underlying basis of the Haight Ashbury and the Summer of Love was spirit. We traveled to the heart of godhead, reveled in the ecstasy of union. We experienced ourselves as gods and goddesses and put our consciousness beyond form, into the magical rainbow that is the molecular flow.

We sang of love; we longed to experience love forever. We were certain that the whole human race was ascending, that all things were ascending. We were blooming like flowers toward an Omega point that Teilhard de Chardin described as a quantam leap for humanity.

The Haight Ashbury saw itself as the front echelon of consciousness. We were being guided by magical beings. Then we learned that we ourselves were magical beings and reached down to help others up to our new heights.

Angry with hypocritical establishment religions, we read the scriptures from ancient mystics and flocked to hear spiritual teachings in our own new vocabulary. We sang, chanted, had ceremonies, danced and made love with Krishna, Diana, Shiva, Padma Sambhava, the Bal Shem Tov and Einstein. We met the tulkus, the swamis, the yogis, the rabbis, the roshis. We read Tibetan Buddhism, Timothy Leary, Ramakrishna, Suzuki Roshi and a myriad of other wise humans whose maps guided us to higher consciousness.

This is the Haight Ashbury that I knew. I had a store and a mansion there. I started out in high heels and a mink coat going to look at the "weirdos". I ended up with very little, another saddhu wandering America.

These pages are my pages and your pages, a real story of a few months in the Summer of Love and after. Nothing is hidden; there is still the amazing contrast between spiritual ecstasy and inter-relationship trauma. I mean, it was hard, man, and it was heaven. It was groovy, and it was sad. It was a pendulum swing between nirvana and hell. But through it all we were reaching for spirit. (Dedication, page i)

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