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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research.

Grof, Stanislav.
New York: Viking.(1975)
New York: E. P. Dutton. (1976)

ISBN:670-59051-7 First edition [1975]
0-525-47438-2 Paperback [1976]

Description: xxx + 257 pages.

Contents: Preface, acknowledgments, 6 chapters, epilogue, bibliography, index.

Note: A key book: this is the first book-length presentation of Grof's cartography of the human mind.

Excerpt(s): I know of no work that so well incorporates in one consistent whole the findings of Freud, Jung and Rank, adding fresh insights, which the methods of those psychotherapists could never have achieved. I do not doubt that many others working in this field would find Dr. Grof's discoveries a basis for a whole new strategy of research. ( Joseph Campbell, cover)

The individual comes to realize, through these [perinatal] experiences, that no matter what he does in his life, he cannot escape the inevitable; he will have to leave this world bereft of everything that he has accumulated and achieved and to which he has been emotionally attached. The similarity between birth and death-the startling realization that the beginning of life is the same as its end-is the major philosophical issue that accompanies the perinatal experiences. The other important consequence of the shocking emotional and physical encounter with the phenomenon of death is the opening up of areas of spiritual and religious experiences that appear to be an intrinsic part of the human personality and are independent of the individual's cultural and religious background and programming. In my experience, everyone who has reached these levels develops convincing insights into the utmost relevance of the spiritual and religious dimensions in the universal scheme of things. Even hard-core materialists, positively oriented scientists, skeptics and cynics, and uncompromising Marxist philosophers suddenly became interested in a spiritual search after they confronted these levels in themselves. (pages 95-96)

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