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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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The Psychedelic Experience.

Aiken, John W., and Aiken, Louisa V. (ca. 1963).
Socorro, NM: Church of the Awakening.

ISBN: None

Description: 18 unnumbered, mimeographed leaves, stapled, printed on one side.

Contents: Introduction by Franklin Loehr, 5 chapters, appendix: The Church of the Awakening.

Note: Chapter 1 " Can Drugs Lead You to God?" was originally published by FATE magazine in May 1963. Chapter 3 " Psychedelic Mysticism" is by Swami Parampanthi. Chapter 4 "The Mrs. N. M. The last page is a membership form for The Church of the Awakening.

Excerpt(s): The tragic death of their two sons jarred Dr. and Mrs. Aiken out of what they have called their "comfortable middle-class complacency with life" and set them on the quest for life's deeper realities. Their lives had been full and varied - college graduates; a year of Presbyterian Seminary for Dr. John, then public school teaching for both of them: the training and practice as osteopathic physicians, coming in 1948 to establish the first health service in Socorro, New Mexico, 60 miles south of Albuquerque. But when the hardest blows came, all this was not enough. (Franklin Loehr, Introduction, page 2)

A typical psychedelic experience as conducted under our supervision begins on an empty stomach. The substance is given in the morning, the subject having eaten nothing since the previous evening. This is to reduce the nausea which some experience, but which in most cases disappears within the first hour or two. A slight vertigo may also be noticed, within the first thirty minutes or so, but soon passes. Sometimes there is a period of euphoria, when ordinary things may seem unusually funny. However, at the end of two or three hours most of the participants, if properly guided, will wish to be quiet and to look within their own consciousness, to find the Inner Self. Some enjoy music, or flowers, or pictures, for such objects frequently take on extraordinary qualities, and very often aid the subject in going into the deeper levels of the Self.

Life and love are experienced as everywhere present; one seems to have a new understanding of the meaning and purpose of life, and a new awareness of his own identity as "one with God," and of his neighbor as an integral part of himself. It is much easier during the psychedelic experience to realize that our true identity is not that of the body-mind-emotions complex which is designated by our name. This is an important lesson, for this is one of the first steps toward the Father's House, away from separateness and toward unity. To know that I AM, and that "I and my Father are One," is a most salutary experience. (page 4)

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