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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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The Ecstatic Adventure.

Metzner, Ralph. (Editor). (1968).
New York: The Macmillan Co.

ISBN: None

Description: First printing, xiv + 306 pages.

Contributors: John Blofeld, Henrick Bull, George Castayne, Walter H. Clark, Eric Clough, David Crosby, Allen Ginsberg, Ken Green, Mary Hart, Karin Harvey, Ronald Harvey, Joseph Havens, Gray Henry, Stanley Krippner, Timothy Leary, Peter Matthiessen, Ralph Metzner, John Robertson, Zalman H. Schachter, Huston Smith, Linda Sontag, Charles Soames, Elsa von Eckartsberg, Rolf von Eckartsberg, Sugar Wagner, Alan Watts, Arnold West, Irwin Wunderman

Contents: Foreword by Alan Watts, introduction, 25 chapters divided into 6 unnumbered parts: I. Experiences Described in the Language of Psychology; II. Experiences Described in the Language of Religion, Psychedelic Poetry; III. Experiences of Therapeutic Self-Confrontation; IV. Experiences Programmed for Creative Problem-Solving; V. Experiences of Parents and Children; VI. Experiences of New Dimensions.

Excerpt(s): In The Ecstatic Adventure, thirty-eight people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and beliefs tell what it was like for them by describing their own experiences with hallucinogenic drugs-mescaline, LSD, peyote, psilocybin. Some of the trips are hell, others ecstasy. ... (cover)

Experiences Described in the Language of Religion

CH. 5. Empirical Metaphysics by Huston Smith, in which an eminent religious scholar and MIT professor tells how mescaline showed him directly what he had only thought (and written) about before.

CH. 6. Shaking to the Foundations by Walter H. Clark, in which a distinguished teacher of religion gives a biblical commentary on his ecstatic experience with LSD.

CH. 7. The Oneness in God, the Visions of Christ, The Crucifixion by the Reverend Mary Hart, in which a lady Protestant minister descends into an inferno of madness and sin, makes the final act of faith and is restored to radiance.

CH. 8. Uncontainable Joy by John Robertson, in which a student of theology and mysticism ceases to exist and becomes immersed in the ground of being.

CH. 9. The Point is that Life is a Gesture by Alan Watts, in which the friendly word-magician discovers once again that life is purposeless and there isn't any problem.

CH. 10. The Conscious Ascent of the Soul by Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter, in which a Hasidic rabbi dances at midnight in the shrine with all his bones and struggles to pray in the garden at dawn with all his hand and mind tied by the holy ribbon to the hand and mind of a goy.

CH. 11. Consciousness, Energy, Bliss by John Blofeld, in which a Buddhist scholar describes a high yogic experience with mescaline in the language of the "diamond-thunderbolt" school of Buddhism. (page vii)

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