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Drugs Bibliography, 1960-1969.

Menditto, Joseph. (1970). of Addiction and Non-addiction, Their Use and Abuse, A Comprehensive
Troy, NY: Whitston Publishing Co.

ISBN: None

Description: Hardback, x + 315 pages.

Note: Chapters 1-4 cover amphetamines and stimulants, barbiturates and tranquilizing drugs, lysergic acid diethylamide, and marijuana. Chapters 5-12 cover narcotics. Entries which consider more than one drug are listed under all appropriate headings.

Contents: Preface, 13 chapters; Chapter 12: Narcotics Bibliography, Chapter 13: Author Index.

Excerpt(s): The present compilation contains about six thousand entries for works published between 1960-1969, and is designed to provide users with a convenient and comprehensive guide to the research material in the field of addiction. Few bibliographies on the subject exist. The most significant difference between this work and others lies in the purpose of the project. Some have preferred to cover a longer period, requiring selectivity, others have chosen to deal with a specific subject within the subject. It seemed to me that there was a need for a work which would survey extensively the literature of the last decade, almost entirely omitted from other works of the same nature. Thus the effort has been made, and I hope it will prove worthwhile.

The form of bibliographical arrangement follows the pattern mostly familiar to the users. Thus under each subject, the listing is the following: Books and Essays; Doctoral Dissertations; Periodical Literature. The first two are arranged by author, the last is alphabetical by title. (page vii)

Compilation copyright © 1995 – 2001 CSP

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