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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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Cary Grant: The Lonely Heart.

Higham, Charles, and Moseley, Roy.(1989).
New York: Avon Books.

ISBN: 0-380-71009-9

Description: First Avon Books printing, xv + 396 pages.

Contents: Preface, 17 chapters, acknowledgments, chapter notes, index. Sixteen pages of photographs are bound between pages 176-177.

Excerpt(s): Cary began telling anyone who would listen that he was gaining strength through his treatments; he was finding happiness for the first time in his life. He would turn up on Saturday afternoons at the offices of Dr. Arthur Chandler, stretch out on a couch with an eye shield, block his ears with wax, and revisit his past in the near darkness. He wrote later: "I passed through changing seas of horrifying and happy thoughts, through a montage of intense love and hate, reassembling, through terrifying depths of dark despair replaced by heaven-like religious symbolism." (page 259)

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