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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy
Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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The Beyond Within: The LSD Story.

Cohen, Sidney. (1964).
New York: Atheneum.

ISBN: None

Description: First edition, xvi + 268 pages. A second edition published in 1967 (xx + 312 pages) has two additional chapters: Chapter 13, "The Latter Saint's Day," and Chapter 14, "The Worst that Can Happen."

Contents: Foreword by Murphy, introduction, 12 chapters, 2 appendices: A. The Chemistry of the Hallucinogens, B. Tables, chapter references, index, Dr. Sidney Cohen.

Note: Cohen was "Dr. C" referred to by Laura Huxley in This Timeless Moment who supplied her with the LSD for Aldous' final trip on his deathbed.

In 1965 the Scientific Book Club in London published an edition of this book titled Drugs of Hallucination: The Uses and Misuses of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Its foreword is by John Rowan Wilson, no ISBN.

From Lewis Yablonsky, The Hippie Trip, page 249. The most widely known and respected medical doctor in the field of LSD research is Dr. Cohen. Based on his extensive research, he delineates various categories of LSD users. The following six of his categories parallel use patterns I observed on my trip:

(1) LSD Explorers-These are people in theology, philosophy, and students who, in spite of the risk, want to explore their sensory possibilities.

(2) Social LSD Users- These, according to Cohen, are people who live in a subculture where LSD is being used. They are encouraged to use the drug because of group pressure.

(3) Hedonistic Users-These are young people, very often teenagers or teenyboppers, who are seeking a "kick" or a thrill.

(4) Magic Pill Users-These are people with emotional problems who are looking for a magic quick and easy solution.

(5) Research Use-In this context LSD is used in a laboratory to study its effects on personality.

(6) Religious Use-Dr. Cohen admits that there are people like Timothy Leary and his League for Spiritual Discovery (LSD), who sincerely take LSD for a spiritual or religious experience.

Excerpt(s): Dr. Sidney Cohen tells with precision and restraint the story of the most interesting among them [hallucinogens] LSD, in this book. He has long worked with the drug under hospital conditions and is aware both of its possibilities and its drawbacks. He gives many detailed accounts of LSD feelings in different subjects, and they are fascinating and colorful. He indicates the uses and possible uses of LSD in tapping the unconscious or the abnormal mind, and the usefulness of this for therapists. He discusses LSD in terms of "model psychosis" or "instant zen." He treats mystical experiences and visions in terms of what we have learned from these drugs. In a fascinating chapter he discusses hallucinogens for possible war use ... (jacket)

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