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Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments:
An Entheogen Chrestomathy
Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.
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Beyond The Brain:

Birth, Death, and Transcendence in Psychotherapy.

Grof, Stanislav. (1985).
Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

ISBN: 0-87395-953-1 hardcover
0-87395-899-3 paperback

Description: First edition, xviii + 466 pages.

Contents: Acknowledgments, introduction, 8 chapters, chapter notes, bibliography, index.

Excerpt(s): The only genuine solution [to world problems] must acknowledge the collective nature of the problem and offer satisfactory perspectives to everybody involved. The deeply felt unity with the rest of the world tends to open the way to a genuine appreciation of diversity and a tolerance of differences. Sexual, racial, cultural, and other prejudices appear absurd and childish in light of the vastly expanded world view and understanding of reality that includes the transcendental dimension.

Having researched the potential of unusual states of consciousness for more than a quarter of a century, I have no doubts that the transformation I have here described can be achieved on an individual scale. I myself have witnessed over the years many dramatic examples of such an evolution while assisting other people in psychedelic therapy and experiential self-exploration without the use of drugs, particularly holotropic therapy. ...

Whatever questions one may have about the feasibility of this strategy as a world-changing force, it could well be our only real chance under present circumstances. The currently available means and channels for solving the global crisis do not leave a critical observer with much hope. In practical terms the new approach means to complement whatever one is doing in the external world with a systematic process of in-depth self-exploration. In this way the pragmatic technical knowledge of each of us can be complemented and guided by the wisdom of the collective unconscious.

Inner transformation can be achieved only through individual determination, focused effort, and personal responsibility. Any plans to change the situation in the world are of problematic value, unless they include a systematic effort to change the human condition that has created the crisis. To the extent which evolutionary change in consciousness is a vital prerequisite for the future of the world, the outcome of this process depends on the initiative of each of us. (page 432)

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